Sunday, 20 April 2014


The latest project is a tailoring brief. What are real clothes?
What is beauty?
Picking between four designers and brands from round the world - mine for this particular project is Celine.
Why Celine? I'm not 100% sure, only that sometimes you see something and you find an affinity with it. Celine for me - at least for this project seems to be that affinity.
 A dedicated lover of coats ands knitwear Celine just seems to work so well. The greatest achievement of the Celine brand and in particular Phoebe Philo, is simply that the clothes are so beautifully simple, so perfect for anything and everything, and yet they're never the same...

 Mixing prints and textures just seems so effortless for Phoebe Philo - something that I envy in its brilliance....

 Beautifully tapered trousers, and some perfect machine knitting is a perfect combination that just seems impossible to ignore...


The concept was trainers - which quickly led to knitwear, beaten and worn in trainers seemed to flow naturally into thoughts of my favourite knit jumper...worn to death and loved more than any other piece in my wardrobe.

The colours, shapes and lines of the trainers worked well with the brand and its identity.
The struggle however, was putting this into a capsule Womenswear collection that functioned for after the client had been in the water surfing all day.


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Rebecca Murphy Photography
The Watershed Project was my last project for my first year at Falmouth, probably
one of my favourites even though it was sportswear.

Rebecca Murphy Photography

The collection was designed for the female surfer, what does she want to wear?
Why can't she be warm and stylish?